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Disney World Orlando Theme Parks
Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom!Not everyone knows that Walt Disney World Orlando is actually made up of four separate theme parks, two water parks and a few other small attractions. These theme parks are Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom, the two water parks are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, each housing its own unique set of rides and entertainment. Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park in Disney, and in 2009 was the most visited park in the entire world. Inside you can find the original and classic Walt Disney characters; from the various princesses to the Mickey's Favorite Crew you can dive head first into this Magical Kingdom. Cinderella's large blue castle stands tall in the center of the Magic Kingdom theme park, and has become the icon for the Walt Disney World Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom!in the Orlando area. Hollywood Studios is where movies meet the real world, journey into the midst of a variety of some of the most popular movies to every meet the big screen! With movies such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the ever popular television show American Idol you can meet some of your favorite characters in these face to face experiences! E.P.C.O.T. commonly referred to as "Epcot" stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a unique idea that came straight from the mind of Walt Disney himself. Walt wanted to build an entire society completely controlled, the Utopia he envisioned was stopped, however Epcot lived on to become the fun theme park it is today, exploring the fascinating advance of technology and knowledge in a creative and fun way! Epcot is widely known for its Mission SPACE adventure ride, where you land a space shuttle on the planet of Mars! Animal Kingdom is the smallest of the four theme parks, and is home to a wide variety of exotic animals. Animal Kingdoms icon is the Tree of Life located in the center of the park, with animals carved into the tree trunk this massive tree can be seen from everywhere in the Walt Disney World area!
Walt Disney World's Water Parks
Blizzard Beach! Typhoon Lagoon!Few people realize that Walt Disney World has some of the best water parks in the Central Florida area. Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon hold their own unique set of rides and slides that make any day in the hot Florida sun a relaxing and exhilarating time. Typhoon Lagoon has an interesting story to tell, in the center of the park just above the massive wave pool is a large mountain, and on top of the mountain is a large boat! This great theme park was created after a huge typhoon swept through, and the boat that was tossed on top of the mountain will remind you of that every time it blasts its horn. With a wide variety of water slides to ride and the large wave pool in the center of the park, Typhoon Lagoon offers you a fun water experience! So what sounds good when your baking in the Sunshine's States... well sun? Snow! That's why Blizzard Beach has the perfect solution for any hot day in Florida. This theme park was created when a rogue blizzard swept through, the melting ice created a fun wave pool and exiting water slides. One of the most popular parts about Blizzard beach is the "Ski Patrol" kids zone. Whenever you visit a park with your kids you are always concerned for their safety, here at the Ski Patrol your kids can play on obstacles and in pools under constant supervision, a great way for you to relax while your on vacation!
Universal Florida
Universal Studios Orlando! Universal Florida is compromised of two theme parks, Islands of adventure and Universal Studios, each with their own set of rides and attractions that are just mouth watering attractions. Universal is home to the classics, with rides such as Jaws, Men in Black, the Simpsons, Twister and much, much more you will have your day completely filled with entertainment. Dive head first into these movies and meet some of your favorite characters face to face as you follow them into their worlds. One of the newest installments at Universal Studios is the Rip Ride and Rocket, a new roller coaster that introduces a unique twist, you get to listen to your favorite music as you fly through these breath taking maneuvers. Islands of Adventure!Islands of Adventure is home to five separate "islands" or zones that each hold their own set of rides and attractions. These islands are Port of Entry, Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, and the new Harry Potter Land! Each of these areas has a unique theme and rides with matching colors. Each island is practically its own theme park! Whether your experiencing adventures into the wizardly world of Harry Potter, or the trek through the rural forest of Jurassic Park you will always be on the edge of your seat! Take a ride into the heroic world of marvel and get in on the action packed confrontations between villains and super heroes! Whatever it is your looking for the awesome Islands of Adventure is sure to have it!
City Walk
CityWalk Orlando!City Walk is located just outside of the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks, it actually connects them from gate to gate. However few people realize how much awesome stuff City Walk holds. We a wide variety of restaurants and attractions you can get in on all the action without purchasing a ticket. That's right, during the day City Walk is entirely free! At night when the sun goes down the lights stay on, City Walk is widely known for its great club life for those party goers!
Busch Gardens
Busch Gardens!Busch Gardens is home to over two thousand exotic animals, making it one of the largest zoos in Florida! The Busch Gardens holds a South African theme, with animals pertaining to the region and rides and entertainment named after special areas and local sites you are diving into some of the most exiting and thrill taking experiences ever! Busch Gardens is well known for its thrill rides, most notably its roller coasters. With a wide variety of roller coasters, each housing its own unique set of stunts and twists you can spend days here at the park and still not remember every twists and turn on any one coaster! This fun and exiting park offers adventurous rides as well as tame rides such as the train and other children's rides, but whatever age you are or however high you want go, Busch Gardens will take you there!
Sea World & Discovery Cove
SeaWorld Orlando!One of the most popular theme parks in the Central Florida area is Sea World. What sets Sea World aside from all the other theme parks in the area? Sea World has a unique theme that brings tourists and enthusiast from all around the world, the most amazing animals from the sea! With Sea World's primary focus on Killer Whales you can venture into the huge viewing dome and watch as the whales, along with their trainers perform amazing stunts! Specially trained to do incredible feats right before your eyes all the animals at Sea World are walking... or swimming shows! Here at Sea World you can touch and interact with dolphins, watch Sea Lions escape a deserted island with their funny Discover Cove Dolphin Swim!friends or watch colorful characters come to life high over a massive pool of water; whatever it is your going to find it here! Sea World's newest attraction is Manta, a new inverted rollercoaster that lets you dangle face down and head first on this awesome new cutting edge ride! If you are looking for a closer encounter with our under the sea friends then look no further, here at Discovery Cove you will get a once in a lifetime opportunity to come face to face with some of the oceans most amazing animals! Discovery Cove is well known for it's Dolphin Swim encounter, where you get to actually swim in a gigantic tank full of colorful fish and playful dolphins! This unique experience offers you an awesome adventure into the daily lives of the Sea World trainers! This fun filled water park offers a great relaxing environment where you can either explore the massive aviary or swim the tropical reef, get more than knee deep in some of the amazing habitats when you visit Discovery Cove in Orlando!


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